family and history.Edit





Vilkas had a father named Jergen. he went to fight in the great war and left vilkas along with his brother Farkas alone. Jergen died in the great war and never came back. the two kids went to the jorvaskrr in whiterun. they stayed there and grew up there.  

who is vilkas?Edit

Vilkas is a nord who lives in whiterun. He is part of the companions and is in the circle. the circle is a group of people who are werewolves. in the beggining, Vilkas can be found sitting next to Kodlak the harbinger. when you first meet himm in the beggining if the game, he thinks dragonborn isnt that worthy enough to be a companion. he later, relizes he was wrong. after the quest "Glory of the Dead" he can become a follower and a sheild brother. he can also become a steward if you have Hearthfire. After you do the quest Purity, he can also be killed. if you kill him infront of the other members, they will attack you.


 these are quest's involvinng vilkas:

  • Take Up Arms: prove your worthy enough to be a companion.
  • Purity Of Revenge: kill the silverhand and retreive the fragments of the wuuthrad.
  • Glory Of The Dead: kill kodlak whitmane's wolf spirit and prove to be a true companion.
  • Purity: cure a members beast blood




Race: Nord werewolf


Jorvaskrr, Whiterun

The Companions, The circle 

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