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The elder scrolls skyrim.

Skrim is a roll playing game made by bethesda in 2011. It is the fifth game in the Elder scrolls series. is takes place with the charecter, also known as dragonborn, in a carriage. dragonborn is someone who can shout powerful voices and has the blood of a dragon. as dragonborn, you must save the world from world eater, alduin. Alduin is a dragon and also is very strong. with sharp swords, realistic fetures, intense fights its no wonder everyone loves skyrim! 

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This wikia is on skyrim and skyrim only. itdoes not specialize in oblivion, morrowind or any other bethesda game. this page can be edited by anyone. you may add on or change false info but please don't erase correct info.Edit

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Official Gameplay Trailer02:54

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Official Gameplay Trailer



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