dovahkiin or dragonbornEdit

dovahkiin means dragonborn in dragon language. dovahkiin is somone who can use shouts and make things happen. a shout is 3 words that are written in dragon language. you must learn each word. some words can be found, others can bee told. to use a shout for the first time one must spend a dragon soul. a dragon soul can be obtained by killing a dragon. some shouts damage others health or make items appear. forb an example, the shout "call dragon" makes a dragon named odahviing appear and help you in your battles.


dovahkiin absorbing a dragon soul.

skyrim shoutsEdit

this is a list of all the shouts that can be found:


dovahkiin shouting.

  • animal allegiance
  • aura whisper
  • become ethereal
  • call dragon
  • call of valor
  • clear skies
  • disarm
  • dismay
  • dragonrend
  • elemental fury
  • fire breath 
  • frost breath
  • ice form
  • kyne's peace
  • marked for death
  • slow time
  • storm call 
  • throw voice
  • unrelenting force 
  • whirlwind sprint

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